Back Painted + Spandrel Glass

Back painted + spandrel glass

Back painted + spandrel glass is designed to be opaque to help hide features between the floors of a building or add a decorative element to your home. In commercial applications you can achieve a seamless glass effect for the façade of a building. In residential applications, it’s ideal for use in interior design: furniture, wall-panelling, and even your kitchen backsplash! Choose from our range of standard colours or have us match to any custom colour!

Swatches shown below are approximations of actual OPACI-COAT-300® coatings. Always request coated glass samples for in-person review and final material colour approval.

Standard colours

Snow White

Light White

Primary White on Clear Glass




Harmony Solex

Medium Gray

Warm Gray

Harmony Graylite #14

Harmony Gray



Harmony Bronze

Lava Bronze

Harmony Blue

Custom colours

We can make or match to virtually any colour – there’s over 26,000+ colours in our library.

Crisp Pear

Fresh Scent Green

Green Bay

Tropical Teal

Smart Blue

Coastal Region

Tidal Wave

Calla Lily

Corn Maze

Lemon Tree

Honey Bees

Limoncello Spritz

Citrus Peel


Strawberry Slushy


Project Gallery

Let’s make something

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