Certifications & Partnerships

Our certifications & partnerships demonstrate our commitment to quality.

To ensure consistent and top-notch quality, we have implemented a thorough quality assurance program including:

    • Conducting sample breakage tests on each batch, verifying the consistency and excellence of our tempering process.
    • Inspecting the quality of our glass using advanced equipment and regular physical inspections during various stages of the glass processing to minimize defects.
    • We monitor and control visual distortion that can sometimes be created by the heat treating process. We ensure that the glass you receive falls within strict control limits and standards.

We are proudly IGCC-certified to fabricate insulated glass units using a wide selection of high-performance low-e coatings from top suppliers. We are also proud to be part of the Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) which brings together AAMA & IGMA to be an even stronger industry resource.

As a Vitro Certified™ fabricator we supply quality, high-performance glass, including insulating glass units, spandrel glass and tempered/heat strengthened glass for buildings throughout North America and beyond. We also have access to the Vitro Concierge Program™, a priority glass supply program for uniquely complex or high-profile projects.

We proudly use ICD’s Opaci-Coat 300® for our back painted glass/spandrel applications providing a virtually unlimited colour palette that does not weaken tempered or heat-strengthened glass. This glass opacifying material is lead free and contains no organic solvents, making it the perfect choice for those designing to LEED standards.

Our commercial team is an authorized Kawneer dealer – one of a few who are authorized to both fabricate and install their systems.