Manufacturing Experience

Manufacturing experience gives you plenty of design & build options.

Utilizing our tempering capabilities, we strengthen annealed glass, giving it up to five times more robustness compared to non-tempered glass. We carry a wide variety of glass in stock so that we can meet your production timelines. Additionally, we offer custom fabrication services using cutting-edge technology, such as water-jet cutting, which ensures exceptional precision. Our in-house 3D laser scan also gives us the ability to produce complex shapes with a high level of accuracy.

Glass edging not only adds style & character to your project, it provides additional benefits of being easy to clean & maintain while preventing injuries from chipped or jagged glass corners. Choosing the best type is determined by several factors and considerations, such as the fabrication project, and intended application and usage.

  • Polishing: choose from flat polish or flat grind
  • Edgework: choose from arrised, mitred, polished or ground


Next generation of spacers: TPS

All Weather is proud to provide a Thermoplastic Spacer (TPS) on insulated glass units. TPS provides better comfort, energy efficiency, quality, aesthetic appeal and design flexibility. By building a chemical bond to the glass and the secondary sealant, the TPS system creates one cohesive edge seal system. Reactive TPS is featured in structures around the world which are required to comply with rigid performance standards. There are over 50 lines running in the world with this technology and well over 150 million square feet has been installed. Boasting an unparalleled lifespan, TPS has reported less than 0.1% warranty defects in North America due to spacer failure.



  • TPS keeps the insulated glass unit reliably tight while maximizing the lifespan by protecting the sealed unit from extreme changes in weather while allowing flexibility for changes in climate, wind and thermal expansion.
  • TPS is extruded directly between the glass panes, creating a homogeneous and continuous edge seal to prevent loss of argon gas and moisture penetration.
  • TPS is made from PIB (polyisobutylene) with an integrated desiccant, eliminating the need for a foil layer due to its moisture resistance and guaranteed edge seal tightness.
  • 100% tight seal from beginning to end of the application.
  • Eliminates the need for extra butyl at joints and corners for a clean fit and finish.

3D Laser Scan examples:

Point cloud imported from scanner; multiple scans stitched together.

Exporting into AutoCad identifying surfaces.